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Oasis Designer Range

Designs created For Oasis Fashion, All in comfortabe to wear crinkle fabric, in sizes Uk 10 to 22


Evening wear

Oasis Fashion stock evening wear from London, France & Italy


Casual wear

Beach wear, Casual Dresses, trousers, silk tops in all sizes


Hats And Fascinators

Unique Individually desgined and created to match our customers outfits



Oasis Fashion stock a wide range of accessories, from beach sandals, to belt, diamonte jewelry, to frangipani hair clips

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    Five Things to Know Before Chartering a Yacht in Dubai

    So, you’ve finally decided to go on a luxury yacht cruise and are just looking around to see what’ll things you need to consider before you make the final move. Listed here are some of our top tips to make your yacht rental process in Dubai as simple as possible.

    Five Massage Myths that Are Just Not True

    Like other popular practices, massage therapy is also associated with common myths such as it can spread cancer. However, this is completely wrong. We have busted a few massage myths so you can book your next appointment without any stress.

    How to Choose a Quad Bike Rental Provider in Dubai

    Choosing the right Quad bike rental provider in Dubai could be a tedious task, but it is easy with a few tips to consider. This piece is centered on how to pick the best quad bike rental provider in Dubai.

    Pitfalls to Avoid While You Hire a Car in Dubai

    One of the best ways to experience Dubai is by hiring a car. Do it properly and it’s an extremely rewarding experience. But do it the wrong way and it can soon ruin your entire holiday. This article covers the common mistakes that should be avoided during a car hire process. 

    How to Get the Best Deal for Your Car Rental Provider

    The car renting business in Dubai is always booming. This is because people never stop going to Dubai to have fun. When they go there, they need the means to go around the city without hurdles and the best way is to rent a car for their entire stay.

    Misconceptions about Botox procedure

    There are so many misconceptions about the minimally invasive procedure known as Botox. Some attach risk factors to the procedure, while others believe its results are immediate. Botox does not have any age limit. If you are about doing Botox for the first time, there are certain truths you should know about the procedure.

    Different Printing options for wedding invitations

    Presently, paper invitation is something that is part of our tradition and it brings a lot of happiness when we invite someone to a personal gathering or a celebration. But there are a lot more options available for inviting on our special day

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