Different Printing options for wedding invitations

In ancient times, people use to send each other hand-written messages that would bring joy to the one who receives it. With the time, paper became a source of greetings or invitations. Traditions are values and norms that provide nostalgic joy and excitement among families and friend and Wedding Cards is a significant factor of any traditional wedding. Wedding Invitation card holds a different importance for each and every individual. One needs to focus on theme, design, color, font and all little information related to invitation card, keeping in mind the gathering that would be invited. There are various printers who print wedding invitations Dubai who have evolved in providing different options of stationary that one can select and customize it as per their preferences. There are some of the following printing options that are available in Dubai which can be used for creating memorable wedding invitations.


Letterpress wedding cardsLetterpress creates an indent effect on paper that gives justice to graphical design and text provided, to create a memorable wedding card.

Spot Color:

Spot color print is flat in texture and has twelve color range that gives run to your imagination. However the more color you add the more expensive it would get.

Foil Stamping:

Stamping Foil is a method where metal foil is pressed on the paper to create shiny luxury effect.

Digital Printing:

Digital printing is surely budgeting friendly & if provided with creative design and proper typography then it would do wonders as well.


Engraving wedding cardEngraving is comparatively expensive, as this printing requires a metal plate created for the creative people. In this process, the metal plate is inked and pressed on the paper; due to which ink is heavy and gets raised up - giving an effect of embossing. However, the process is costly which is why many individuals and companies avoid it. However, if the invites are limited and you are going for luxury cards then engraving is the one.

Laser cut:

Laser cut design wedding cards would surely leave an impression on guest. It looks like lace; this technique requires no ink instead laser is used to cut the paper in a particular decided design. The more the complicated detailed design it is, the more expensive it will be.


Thermography is a mixture of spot color and engraving, where heat is used to melt ink on paper and it creates an embossing effect. This method is not that pricey and if you are looking for texture text design than thermography is best to enhance your wedding invitation.