Five Massage Myths that Are Just Not True

Massage therapy has remained a common practice for more than centuries. Several cultures prefer to get this treatment for various ailments. It is known to relieve aches, enhance health and restore energy in the body. The popularity of such treatments is increasing all over the world and now you can easily get a high-quality cheap massage in Dubai. Nowadays all the information is just a few clicks away which has made our life easier. However, with this ease, we also get a lot of misinformation that is not proven. You will find several false myths associated with massage treatments. It is beneficial to learn about the facts and debunked the myths associated with massage therapy. Read on to find more about these bogus myths.

It Hurts

It Hurts

It is a common myth that you must feel the pain after getting a massage. However, this is not true. You don't have to feel muscle soreness to confirm that the massage therapy was productive. Many people feel a little bit soreness when they get the treatment the first time. However, it is better to communicate with your therapist to ensure optimal and desired results.

It Only Provides Short Term Relief

Your muscles have memory and the massage helps in reducing pain by activating that memory. It is not true that after a couple of hours you will feel the pain. Several studies prove massage therapy can reduce the inflammation in the tissues, decrease the levels of stress hormones, and alleviate pain for several weeks.

It Can Increase the Proliferation of Cancerous Cells

It is completely a false statement. No study proves massage can spread cancerous cells. Moreover, it is also not proven that massage can treat cancer. Massage therapy can alleviate anxiety, pain, and depression among patients. Many oncologists believe that massage is beneficial for patients who are suffering from cancer.

It Can Cause Miscarriage

There was a myth that massage can release toxins and hormones that can lead to miscarriage among pregnant women or it can cause premature labor pain. However, many gynecologists believe that massage can alleviate muscle cramps and pain among expecting mothers. Aromatherapy is quite helpful in relieving stress if you are pregnant.

Talk During a Massage Therapy‚Äč

It’s not Allowed to Talk During a Massage Therapy

This is the biggest myth debunked. If you are not comfortable with the strokes or the massage is quite hurtful, you must talk about it during the session. Your therapist will not feel embarrassed as the pain threshold varies from person to person. When you are getting a massage, make sure you communicate with your therapist to get the desired results.