Misconceptions about Botox procedure

Botox does not take much timeBotox is one of the most common methods used to take care of wrinkles. When used properly, it has a very low risk to health. This Botox technique works by reducing the appearance of wrinkles through blocking of the muscle nerves.

If you are planning to have Botox, below are some things you need to know about the procedure.

Botox does not have age limit

There is no age restriction to those who want to try out this procedure. Botox does not have a wrong or right age. It’s a decision you need to take to improve certain features you don’t like on your face. But it’s always better to start on time because you are more likely going to achieve ideal results when you begin on time. Most people start Botox at their late twenties or in their earlier thirties.

You mustn’t get bruised after Botox

There is a common misconception that bruising is a dominant aftereffect of Botox. This is not really true. Although there is risk of bruising in the procedure, the risk is quite low. Even those who get bruised are offered post Botox laser to reduce the discoloration.

Botox does not take much time

As a minimally invasive procedure, there is little or no time required for healing. The patient, after the procedure, can walk back into their business without any issues. You can go back to work from the procedure. Yes it’s normal to have some numbness and swelling, the aftereffect is not strong enough to disrupt your daily activities. That is the beauty of having Botox. No operating stress…no recovery time… no serious aftereffect.

There are certain task limitations after Botox

Botox in Abu DhabiYes, Botox doesn’t have any recovery time. But there are certain limitations on what you can do after the procedure. This precaution is meant to prevent the movement or shifting of the injectable from its administered area.

These activities include hitting up sauna at the gym, massages, and doing heavy cardio. In fact, anything that puts lots of pressure on the administered area may not be good for the patient. So, while you can still perform your daily activities, you need to avoid certain things.

How long to start noticing changes?

After the Botox procedure, it can take about 3 to 5 days before you start seeing results. The result is not immediate, as some people believe.

Also, remember that better is not an alternative to surgery. The procedure does not leave a permanent effect, as it can last for few months.