Pitfalls to Avoid While You Hire a Car in Dubai

So, you’re planning on a weekend exploring the sights of Dubai. There’s so much to see in Dubai that you’ll need a reliable set of wheels to get you around. And in a city famed for its fashion and style, you’ll want a car that oozes class. That’s why when you’re looking to rent a car in Dubai, it’s hard to go past the timeless appeal of a Mercedes for rent or a BMW for rent, with https://mkrentacar.com/. These cars may be a little more expensive to rent, but when you’re cruising past the Pam Jumeirah, you’ll want to look the part. Here are a few pitfalls to avoid when you’re renting a car in Dubai:

Mercedes for Rent

Failing to Check International Car Rental Laws

As Dubai is now a tourist hotspot for travellers from across the globe, travellers looking to rent a car should check first check up on UAE Car Rental laws. They need to aware of any specific road laws and restrictions.

Failing to Check International Licence Restrictions

Yes, you’ve got a full driver’s licence in your home country. But depending on the country that you’re visiting – like the UAE – you may need an International Driver’s Permit to rent a car. In destination’s where English is not the national language, you may also need to have your licence translated.

Being Under 25 Years Old

Many car rental agencies are reluctant to rent out cars to customers under the age of 25. It’s always advised that before you embark on your travel, you check with the car rental company that there are no age restrictions placed on those under 25.

BMW for Rent

Paying Extra for Car Rental Insurance

This is a common trap for customers. Whilst it’s always encouraged that you have the relevant insurance when renting a car, many customers end up paying far too much.

Before you rent a car, you should check with your existing banking and insurance providers – to see if you’re already covered for car rental.

Failing to do a Car Rental Price Comparison

With the high number of car rental agencies operating across Dubai, it can be hard to know where to start. First things first, run a simple online price comparison and determine which companies offer the most bang for your buck. While you’re at it, put your haggling hat on and see if you can get the car dealer to offer you a better deal!