The best places for outdoor weddings in Dubai

Outdoor Wedding in Dubai

Outdoor wedding in Dubai can never be less than perfect. The cool breeze, the romantic scent, the luxurious floral settings and the bright blue sky watching over you! What more you can ask for?

We are not sure if it is like that, but this is how every dreaming bride sees it. The fact is, when you’re out, a lot of unpredicted things can happen, beyond your imaginations and considerations. Here are few things you should take care of while planning your outdoor wedding in Dubai.

Be Careful on Beach

Nothing can be more exciting than your wedding on the beach with the perfect view, weather and romantic aura. But it can be troublesome. To keep it smooth, install the secure décor, wear suitable attires, keep the candles lit and make sure that your dress doesn’t bother the sharp wind and your hair don’t become the nest. Plus, consider the time of the year and schedule your wedding accordingly. You’ll surely want to avoid the stormy season.

What about a backyard?

A cost-effective pleasant wedding plan can be executed in a backyard. Better if you or your close relative has one. But even if this outdoor wedding in Dubai costs you half of the usual price, you’ll have to pay for everything else. Catering, decorations, a dance floor, portable guestrooms (in case the house doesn’t fulfill the need), a tent in case of rain, cooking equipment if the kitchen is not big enough, parking with insurance, you name it. If nothing happens, the bugs can cause a sudden rush. To avoid all these problems, make it sure that the bugs leave backyard days before and you can pay for everything needed.

Fabulous Day

Do you have a Power Up?

The outdoor wedding in Dubai can offer you everything such as the view, the good weather, the bright sky and romantic aura but how you keep the lights, sound and temperature under control? This all depends on how you deal with it. Before you make a reservation in a garden, go to the beach or clean that backyard, make it sure that these places have sufficient power supply. You will need it to keep the fans, sound system and decorative lights on.

Do you have a Plan B?

An outdoor wedding in Dubai is always perfect but can be unpredicted, as mentioned above. It is not about getting in the car, going to the venue, getting married, get back to the car again and get home. It is about staying out for a few happy hours. To make it secure, you need to have a safe rain plan in work and in case anything goes out of order, you must have a second option ready so that you don’t spoil your big day.