All You Need to Know About St Kitts and Nevis CBI Program

Investing in Real Estate

In a world that is increasingly becoming volatile and unpredictable, securing the future of yourself and your family is of utmost importance. A second passport or citizenship can not only provide you with the freedom to travel without any restrictions, but it can also open before you new avenues of opportunities. Initiated in the 20th century, the CBI program requires applicants to make a contribution to their country. This can either be done by investing in real estate or making a donation. In exchange, the investor and their family are granted a complete citizenship.

Numerous Caribbean nations offer citizenship by investment opportunities through which wealthy individuals can attain a second passport without any hassles. Saint Kitts and Nevis is one such Caribbean island that is offering second citizenship to eligible applicants. A Nevis passport enables its holder to fly to more than 150 countries and do business globally without tax restrictions. In this write-up, we’ll be taking a closer look at the St Kitts CBI program:

All You Need to Know About St Kitts & Nevis CBI Program

Why Choose St Kitts Citizenship Program

Dual Citizenship is Possible

St. Kitts’ CBI program does not require the applicant to renounce their current citizenship. Dual citizenship is permitted so long as their current country allows the same.

Residency is Not Mandatory

The country’s CBI program does not mandate the applicants to reside in the country before, during, or after the procedure.

Family-Friendly Program

The program welcomes applicants to apply together with their family members, including their spouse, children, and parents. The minimum investment required will change according to the number of dependents.

Family-Friendly Program

Visa-Free Travel

As mentioned, a Saint Kitts & Nevis passport holder can travel without a visa or with visa on arrival provision to as many as 150 countries across the world.

Lifetime Citizenship

By acquiring a Saint Kitts citizenship through investment, applicants will gain the right to live and work not just in the country but also in the other CARICOM countries. They shall also enjoy all the benefits that a citizen of a Commonwealth country enjoys.

Can I Apply?

The program mandates that anyone who wishes to apply for citizenship as the primary applicant should be 18 years of age or above. Additionally, they should also submit an application in line with the program’s guidelines, such as being willing to undergo the due diligence process.

Can I Apply

Available Investment Options

The country currently offers potential investors with two different options – real estate and contribution to the sustainable growth fund. While investing in real estate, the only key criterion to note is that the investment should be on a pre-approved real estate within the country. To learn more about the prices or the application process, visit, one of the leading citizenship by investment agencies in the UAE.