An Expats Guide to Lease a Car in Dubai

Moving into a new job can be pretty exciting and stressful. Moving into a new job in a new city leans more toward stressful before one hit exciting. Moving into a new job in a new country... it would make sense that you are likely up until the early hours of the morning doing research and learning all there is to know about this new country you will be living in. It is an incredibly stressful and expensive venture; it would be ill-advised not to do the necessary research and ensure you spend as little money as needed. Most people who come to Dubai do so because they have been offered a wonderful job opportunity or they have come to start up their own business as they realize the potential in being a part of the Dubai and UAE business landscape.

Whatever reason brought you to the city it can be difficult and expensive to get settled right away. Dubai is a dynamic and extremely large city, one cannot simply walk where one needs to go. Therefore, when getting around town, the options are either public transit, lift services like Uber, or having your wheels.

Sadly, when you first arrive in Dubai, unless you have the money upfront to purchase a car in full, you will not be able to get a car loan without 3-6 months of bank statements. Do not fear, another car ownership option exists, namely car leasing. Car lease Dubai is far more affordable than to rent a car for a day, for example.

Car leasing is possibly the best option for new ex-pats, here is why:

Car Leasing is Possibly

Less Money Upfront

As mentioned, moving to a new country is stressful and expensive, understandably you would not want to spend more money than necessary. If you were to purchase a car you would need to pay the amount in full or if you were lucky enough to get a car loan, you would still need to put down a considerable amount upfront for a deposit. Leasing a car can save you up to 80% on cash needed upfront.

Quick and Efficient

Buying a car is hard work, you need to shop around for the car, find insurance, get the car registered and take it in for services. Each of these things can take up a considerable amount of time - something most ex-pats do not have much of.

No Muss No Fuss

Leasing a car means that for an affordable monthly fee you get a new or near-new car, your insurance and maintenance services are attended to and your only expense aside from the monthly fee - is fuel.

Car Rental Yearly Plan

Yearly Plan

When you lease a car from well-known brands like Avis or Hertz you know you are signing up with an international and respected franchise. These brands can offer you a lease agreement of 12 months, 24 months or 36 months.

Additionally, a lease agreement can be broken early if the need arises and you will not need to pay more than 3 months fee as a cancellation penalty at most.