Five Roads in UAE For the Ultimate Self-Drive Getaway

Traveling through a plush self-drive getaway is a divine experience. You need to rent the best available luxury car from a top-rated rental company and drive through the silky roads to various destinations.

The Scuba-Diving Destination Fujairah

It is a short trip from Dubai that must be on your priority list. The roads are well-maintained. You will feel like flying when you zoom through the landscape on a rent a car Dubai Airport. Fujairah is approximately 184 km from Dubai. It boasts of an expansive and enchanting coastline. If you have a keen interest in scuba diving, then it is the perfect destination for you.

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The Self-Drive Gateway to Khasab

The roads from Dubai to Khasab are smooth. Several travel enthusiasts flock to Khasab to witness its scenic beauty. It is more or less 198 km from Dubai. Driving on the smooth roads dotted with beautiful fjords will give you a memorable traveling experience. Fast driving is the signature of the route. Many call it the Norway of the Middle East. Khasab is officially in Oman. It is an intelligent thing to enquire with your rental company whether you can drive the car to Oman.

Road Trip to Liwa

Liwa will take your breath away with its engrossing beauty. Driving on the smooth roads on a breezy day to Liwa is a lifetime experience. The winding paths and the golden sands will captivate you in this dreamy journey. Rent a Peugeot from a top rental company, start the ignition, put on a favorite peppy song, and drive through the getaway to feel majestic. You can stay for a night or two at the secluded hotel, The Tilal Liwa, at the destination.

The Self-Drive Getaway of Ras Al-Khaimah

Are you fond of adventures? If the answer is in the affirmative, then you can opt for a Hyundai Car Rental Dubai and drive to the exotic Ras Al-Khaimah that is merely at a distance of 112 km from Dubai. The roads are in excellent condition throughout the year. You can enjoy a host of adventure sports at the destination, such as paragliding and water sports. The place has marvelous accommodation facilities in numerous resorts and five-star hotels.

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The Breath-Taking Gateway to Musandam

You will experience arguably the most fascinating road trip in the UAE region when you drive to Musandam from Dubai. It is 173 km from Dubai. The stunning fjords in the way will add value to your smooth drive. It is undoubtedly a rewarding road self-drive getaway with magnificent views.

There are more fantastic self-drive getaways in and around Dubai. But the ones mentioned here are just something else. Explore them at the earliest!