How Long Does the Effect of Plastic Surgery Remain?

Before you jump into decision of getting plastic surgery done, you have to consider all the factors into account. Such as, finance, underlying health conditions, recovery time, hospitalization days, an after care, how long will the results last.

Plastic surgery results really vary from person to person and how they maintain it. Healthy lifestyle with a good diet can increase the lasting periods of your plastic surgery but in few surgeries, aging has direct effect on how long the results last. Selection of specialist and the hospital you choose is also very crucial. Check here to know the best plastic surgery clinic Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

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Tummy Tuck

If you have got a tummy tuck, you can increase the longevity by maintaining an active lifestyle and watch out what you are eating. The amount of loose skin you had prior to surgery will come again. But in few cases people come for another session of tummy tuck in 4-5 years if they didn't make any efforts in maintaining it.


Botox injections are taken primarily to remove wrinkles and effect of Botox is seen sometimes instantly whereas n few it will take a week to notice the results. This is one type of surgery which needs frequent maintenance after every 4-5 months as the wrinkles start appearing again.

Breast Implants

There is a popular myth that breast implants need to be changed every ten year. But this not necessary, breast implants can stay if the size and shape is still there. Only in case if the patient has an issue or want to change the size of implants then you need to undergo surgery again.

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Cleft Lip

This surgery effect is permanent as it deals with restructuring of lip deformities due to birth. This is done mostly in cases of young children and also to patients whose lips get damaged due to an accident.

Face Lift

Face lift surgery effect stay for around 5-7 years. But people who smoke and are very frequently exposed to sun can further decrease the longevity of the surgery. Earth gravity is also another factor which affects the longevity, and no one can escape this.

Eye Lift

This surgery needs to repeat after 4-5 years. As aging has direct impact as you can visible changes with increased puffiness under the eyes.

Choosing the best aesthetic clinics in Dubai and increase the longevity of surgery you want to get performed.