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There are so many misconceptions about the minimally invasive procedure known as Botox. Some attach risk factors to the procedure, while others believe its results are immediate. Botox does not have any age limit. If you are about doing Botox for the first time, there are certain truths you should know about the procedure.

Presently, paper invitation is something that is part of our tradition and it brings a lot of happiness when we invite someone to a personal gathering or a celebration. But there are a lot more options available for inviting on our special day

Winters are here! After braving the heat of UAE round the year, the most important thing in winters is to keep the cold at bay. But can we do it in a stylish way? Can we look our fashionable best without feeling the chills? We most certainly can. We bring to you the trendiest ways to beat the cold and still look like a million bucks.

While planning outdoor wedding, consider the time of the year to avoid extreme weather conditions, see if the venue has enough power supply and always have a plan B in case the first doesn’t work.

There are various companies in Dubai, selling their products online but you need to have a look at the reputation, reviews, and services they possess.

Fashion Jeweler and accessories play a characterized role in the fashion industry. They are considered to be crucial aspects as to have a trendy and marvelous look. Jewelry pieces definitely make them more glamorous. With the fashion accessories, they look more confident, their bodily features are more defined with giving an exotic look.

Many people don't understand the importance of a good photographer to capture their moment so they ask several questions. We have to make a list of questions to make it easier for you.